Spokane Valley Swimming Lessons

When your children have completed all six levels they will be mile swimmers. They will be strong, competent swimmers with the skills necessary to be safe in the water throughout their lives.


Call early to ensure a place in our schedule. We fill up rapidly!

Every class has three goals:

The swimming instruction provided at our pool is unique. It combines safety instruction with our own long-distance swimming techniques.

For generations, summer means a swim at Sal’s

July 2, 2007 in City, Tom Lutey
The Spokesman-Review

Today’s the day of the plunge. On the edge of Sally Jackson’s backyard pool, children line up like ducklings with inflatable tubes around their middles and looks of uncertainty on their faces.

Swimming lessons at Sal’s is an odd tradition for those who didn’t grow up in the Valley. Elsewhere, teaching children to swim has most often been the work of the Red Cross, YMCA or parks departments. For years, the county parks department, lacking a community pool, offered swimming in lakes.

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Teaching Valley kids since 1951

We take our job very seriously and advance our students to the next level ONLY if they pass ALL the skills for the current level. At times, our methods may seem a bit strict but please keep in mind; we are dealing with your child’s life and safety. Our ultimate goal is to make sure none of our students are ever involved in a water tragedy.

Our lessons are presented in a relaxed and enjoyable fashion. Some young students will be able to take off in the water right away. Other students may take more time to become relaxed and comfortable in the water. Our staff to student ratio is small so your child’s program will be tailored to fit the speed at which they become comfortable. Please do not judge your child by the others in the class. Each child learns different skills at different speeds.